Life Through the Looking Glass

It’s a world you can’t see until you leave your home and shut the door behind you forever. The switch is a tumble and can happen fast, or if you’re lucky, you get to see it coming. When you land on your back in the street, all of a sudden you lose your bearings. YouContinue reading “Life Through the Looking Glass”


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How to Lose Weight for Good

I’m going to stop you right there. I don’t care what the scale says about you. You weigh more than you know. A lot more. Does hearing this upset you? It should, because if you are anything like the majority of people in the USA today and indeed around the entire world, you are carrying an immense emotional burden. This is the heaviest weight of all. It is impossible to crawl out from under without a focused effort. No, this post is not about losing body weight. It is all about lightening our spirits so that we can live as happier beings even in the middle of the turmoil that is pervading our reality.

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Self-Care: It’s Not Just For Women

Bubble baths. Yoga. Getting your hair done. If these self-care ideas don’t appeal to you, then you may be a man. But what is self-care really, and isn’t it just for women? Well, self- care is taking the initiative to actively engage in something that is good for you that will maintain your mental health and wellness. And no, it is definitely not just for women. Unfortunately, it is marketed in such a way that it looks and sounds like it’s just for women, and this is simply an injustice to men, which is wrong and sad.

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