Getting Rid of Toxic People

By Andrea Watson February 26, 2021 We all know how to take care of our bodies, even if we don’t do it very well. We know we need to stop smoking and drinking (if we do), we know we need to eat right and exercise, and we also know not to put up with peopleContinue reading “Getting Rid of Toxic People”


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What You Can do for You on Christmas

My sister says that because of Covid, we are all going feral, and I agree with her. Lucky for me, I’ve been feral all along. This is not to say that Covid hasn’t screwed with me, because it definitely has. I just don’t struggle to shrug off social norms and niceties because it’s something I’ve always been good at. So, as new “feral” humans, we have discovered this whole new reality and state of being. Time doesn’t seem to matter as much anymore. We feel lazier, we have no time for the how-do-you-do-and-shake-hands. We either relate to another person or we don’t, no time for BS. Masks are an integral part of our faces now. We feel naked without them. There is sort of a weird sort of freedom in that; we can go anywhere hiding our faces, concealing ourselves, protecting our identities and privacy and nobody thinks twice. Feral.

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I love Me!

Here I am again, folks! Talking about how to live a happier life with another list of ten. I just love wellness, don’t you? I sure do love me, and I hope you love you. I mean, I love you. Hard to believe? Well, take my word for it, toots, ’cause I do love you…and me. And lots of other people too! I’m all about the love. Why so lovey? Because it makes me happy. And I like being happy. So get to the damn point, you say? Fine. I am here today to tell you about a bunch of different ways that you can practice self-love, and consequently live a happier life. By the end of this post I expect you will have some good ideas brewing that you can start implementing today, and take the first steps to a happier life (if you haven’t already by reading my older wellness posts). So let’s get to it!

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