What You Can do for You on Christmas

My sister says that because of Covid, we are all going feral, and I agree with her. Lucky for me, I’ve been feral all along. This is not to say that Covid hasn’t screwed with me, because it definitely has. I just don’t struggle to shrug off social norms and niceties because it’s something I’ve always been good at. So, as new “feral” humans, we have discovered this whole new reality and state of being. Time doesn’t seem to matter as much anymore. We feel lazier, we have no time for the how-do-you-do-and-shake-hands. We either relate to another person or we don’t, no time for BS. Masks are an integral part of our faces now. We feel naked without them. There is sort of a weird sort of freedom in that; we can go anywhere hiding our faces, concealing ourselves, protecting our identities and privacy and nobody thinks twice. Feral.

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