What You Can do for You on Christmas

by Andrea Watson | December 25, 2020

My sister says that because of Covid, we are all going feral, and I agree with her. Lucky for me, I’ve been feral all along. This is not to say that Covid hasn’t screwed with me, because it definitely has. I just don’t struggle to shrug off social norms and niceties because it’s something I’ve always been good at. So, as new “feral” humans, we have discovered this whole new reality and state of being. Time doesn’t seem to matter as much anymore. We feel lazier, we have no time for the how-do-you-do-and-shake-hands. We either relate to another person or we don’t, no time for BS. Masks are an integral part of our faces now. We feel naked without them. There is sort of a weird sort of freedom in that; we can go anywhere hiding our faces, concealing ourselves, protecting our identities and privacy and nobody thinks twice. Feral.

group of four people wearing masks
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

It is true that Covid has screwed us all throughout 2020, and this Christmas is no different. We don’t get to be with all our loved ones. We have less money to buy gifts. Some of us may not even have enough food. This morning I went to my freezing car, scraped out all the change I could find, and went to the corner store for a gallon of milk not knowing if I could afford it. Luckily, I had enough and we have some milk now-merry Christmas to us! It’s true that I don’t actually celebrate Christmas, but you get what I mean.

table with a Christmas layout
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

So what can you do for you this Christmas? Everybody needs some extra self-care at this end of a horrible year. If you are alone this holiday, this should be easy. The answer to the question here is “Baby, you do you“. Sleep. Drink (not too much). Read. Work on one of your hobbies. Meditate. Take a luxurious bath. Call or Skype your friends and family. Go to the corner store and get some milk. Any of these things and many more will do. Just make sure that it is something you truly enjoy doing. Something that will lift you up and rejuvenate you. This is the point of self-care. And it is truly important to get, especially if you are alone on this holiday.

man and baby sleeping together
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you are not alone, then you must be extra vigilant to protect your mental health and wellness today. A lot of us are under a lot of pressure, especially from family. They want us to do better, be better, correct our lifestyle “shortcomings”, find a partner, get married, stop drinking, whatever. You don’t need to deal with this on Christmas 2020. We are feral, remember? If this starts happening to you while celebrating with your family, cut the celebration short and spend the rest of the day focusing on you and any children you might have. Do what you have to do to protect your mental health and set firm boundaries. Nobody needs to be dragged down by family members or friends today. Covid has done enough of that for us.

woman smoking in front of a window
Photo by Amir SeilSepour on Pexels.com

If you feel like being active, then gather yourself and whatever group of guests or family members you may have and take to the streets. Go clean up trash out of your neighborhood park. Rake all the dead leaves away for your elderly neighbor, or shovel their snowy walks. Bake and deliver something delicious for the family down the street. Performing service is a fantastic way to lift your mood and boost your morale. Service work makes us feel good about ourselves and others. It strengthens friendships and creates bonds with people you don’t really know yet.

garbage in an open space in front of water
Photo by Catherine Sheila on Pexels.com

Spend quality time with those people you are with today. Play games, watch movies, sing together, exchange small gifts. The ones we choose to be with today are most likely the important people in our lives And if we don’t have to cut the day short because of pressure and nagging negativity this is a great time to strengthen and foster our relationships with them. Have fun! Laugh! Get goofy with it! Silliness is sometimes required and it does nothing to damage our standing as who we are and what our role is.

mother and two children laughing and having fun
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Whatever stage of life you are in, wherever you live, however you feel, embrace that state of being feral that is creeping into your life. It is a good thing. It makes us more honest, more authentic, and brings us to our natural state. Don’t let this Christmas slip by without putting a little bit (or a lot) of self care into it. Love who you are with but if you can’t get down with them this year, don’t force yourself to do so. Leave the negativity far behind and go find something that makes you happy. Set firm boundaries and stick to them. You have to protect your mental health. After all, this year is almost gone and who knows what 2021 will bring? Look up and look out to the future when things get better and brighter for all of us. And please wear you freakin’ mask! Til next time,

Andrea xo


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