I love Me!

Here I am again, folks! Talking about how to live a happier life with another list of ten. I just love wellness, don’t you? I sure do love me, and I hope you love you. I mean, I love you. Hard to believe? Well, take my word for it, toots, ’cause I do love you…and me. And lots of other people too! I’m all about the love. Why so lovey? Because it makes me happy. And I like being happy. So get to the damn point, you say? Fine. I am here today to tell you about a bunch of different ways that you can practice self-love, and consequently live a happier life. By the end of this post I expect you will have some good ideas brewing that you can start implementing today, and take the first steps to a happier life (if you haven’t already by reading my older wellness posts). So let’s get to it!


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Art 101: Please Try This At Home!

I’m telling you up front I am not an art teacher, nor have I taken an art class past junior high. I paint and create purely for the intrinsic joy I find in it. This is just art as it applies to me and how I think it can apply to you, too. To the right you see one of my visions of a regularly busy street in Quarantine Street. Normally bustling shops and other businesses, all quiet and keeping to themselves during a pandemic. You don’t have to be an “artist” to create. That’s what’s so wonderful about it! Let’s strap in and go for a colorful (or not) ride down art alley. So let’s go!

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