Let’s Get It!

Everyone has different talents. Some of us sing, some sew, others run fast (not me). And we all put our own unique touch on what we do well. This is fantastic-diversity is great and makes for excellent collaboration. But there are some skills out there that everyone can benefit from developing. This is because some aspects of human nature are simply set in stone, until, that is, we evolve away from them. For example, humans communicate with each other. I bet you can think of more, but we will not go into it all here. So I now present to you my list of five skills that everyone should develop.


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My Reverse Bucket List

Today I want to talk about bucket lists. No, I don’t have one. So what better time than now to present you with my reverse bucket list of cool things I’ve already done and therefore don’t need to do again if I don’t wanna? Thank you my fellow lifestyle bloggers for the idea. You inspire me. From commercial fisherman porn ( I swear I’ll explain) to hurling machetes at trees, I promise to try and make this post a colorful and entertaining one. So relax and join me for even more ramblings about myself and my life (thank you, by the way) and dare to find out all about the cool things I’ve already done.

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