Don’t Even Go There

So I just spent several hours on answering a buttload of questions and I came across one that asked” How can I diagnose myself with depression and anxiety?” I had to answer this one. I had to say “Whoa buddy. Stop right there and back away from the Prozac!” What a stupid question…maybe. Is it? Do people really want to do this? I guess so. But it seems so damn foolish. Why? Read on.


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I’m Not Stupid-Just Crazy

I will never truly know if what I experience is reality or not. I will always hold skewed and misguided beliefs about the world and about myself (did you know I am not human, but rather an angel of destruction sent here to wipe out humanity?) Yeah. I truly believe this, and I know it is not normal. Now this sounds like a bunch of negative affirmations, doesn’t it? But I would challenge that thought. After 30+ years of dealing with my own bullshit, I can tell you that these are simple truths, not self-fulfilling prophecies. I have an education-I am not fooling myself or you here. I’m not stupid, just crazy.

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Fantastic to Follow

Hello my wonderful readers, and welcome to another list of my top favorites! As I was blog hopping today I came across a post detailing a list of the author’s 5 favorite blogs to follow, and I got inspired. It occurred to me that I have yet to write a post like this and I owe it to you to do so. Most of this information you can find on my “About” page, but as nobody has ever gone there, I am assuming you haven’t seen it yet. So I will outline it all for you here. Let’s take a walk together to explore some of my very most favorite blogs, shall we?

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