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7 Blogs I Absolutely Adore

by Andrea Watson | September 10, 2020

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Hello my wonderful readers, and welcome to another list of my top favorites! As I was blog hopping today I came across a post detailing a list of the author’s 5 favorite blogs to follow, and I got inspired. It occurred to me that I have yet to write a post like this and I owe it to you to do so. Most of this information you can find on my “About” page, but as nobody has ever gone there, I am assuming you haven’t seen it yet. So I will outline it all for you here. Let’s take a walk together to explore some of my very most favorite blogs, shall we?

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Elna Cain : This super successful business woman and mama is the reason why I am blogging today. Not too long ago I found myself googling “what is a blog?” and came across hers. She blogs about blogging-it’s fantastic! I signed up for her emails and next thing I know she is teaching me all about what blogging is and how to do it. She runs two blogs; one for b2b stuff and one for her passion, TwinsMommy. Here she teaches buys moms like moi how to become incredibly successful freelance writers and bloggers. I eat up every little thing she has to say. She also sells courses on how to make buttloads of money writing.

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A Life of Mental Illness : I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for mental illness/mental health blogs. This one is written by Zach Foster and is just outstanding. Zach writes all about living with schizophrenia in a world that is vastly and annoyingly sane. He’s got a nice, relatable writing style that is easy to follow and kinda cozy, actually. He has written some really awesome stuff, especially recently. One of his favorite posts of mine is about finding happiness in 2020 and can be found here.

It’s Good To Be Crazy Sometimes : This blog is a fabulous resource to look to if you want to find some other good blogs to follow. The author has a whole repository on his site!

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Olivia Lucie Blake : This young lady is a lifestyle blogger with a millennial mentality and a wide array of topics to appreciate. She writes on self-love, relationships, gratitude, blogging, and more. Her content is highly valuable plus her site is absolutely gorgeous.

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New Lune : This is another lifestyle blog (I follow lots of those) and boy, has this site got it all! Wonderful aesthetic, pretty pictures, and absorbing content on a variety of lifestyle topics. New Lune is a blog you can look to for detailed and user-friendly information that really delivers on value. And after all, why else do we read other people’s work if not for the value it provides us?

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Art by Rob Goldstein : This man is a powerhouse. Not only does he live with DID (and that by itself is tough enough to survive) but he blogs about it, he writes poetry, features other bloggers, he paints, blogs about blogging, he writes about politics, and a lot more. Plus his site is beautifully done, has a lot of colorful images, and is easy to navigate. A perfect blogger to follow. This guy blows my mind.

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The Tiny Couch: Psychology For All : Finally, my absolute favorite blogger in the world sits in the “psychology in everyday life” niche. An educated woman with a passion for special needs, social justice, and psychology overall; she is a great sister and single mama- a writer on a variety of psychology based topics; I highly recommend checking out her internationally read blog found by following the link above.

So there you go. My list of the top 7 most favorite blogs I follow. I hope you go check them out and follow along, it really will be worth it. As time passes, I will collect more faves, I’m sure. For now, this’ll do. Thanks for reading and as always, I can’t wait to talk again!


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