Shake It Up, Baby!

Get Over Your Boring Routine Without Screwing Over Your Future Self

by Andrea Watson | October 11, 2020

“Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”

-Helen Keller

Welcome back, my fearless readers! Today we are going to enhance our lives. Again! Have you ever been in a place in your life that just seemed to be made of pure hum-drum? Where nothing is fun and everything is boring-even the most intimate parts of life? I sure have. It sucks a big one. In the whirlwind of family, work, relationship tending, and everything else that comes at us sideways, we sometimes get lost in the eye of the storm. That calm but terrifying place where nothing is going on, good or bad. But changing things up dramatically can break the bank , your mental state, relationships, and your functioning at work. You don’t want any of that. Well, I have a list of 10 things you can do today that will shake things up and leave you feeling renewed-without screwing over your future self. If you wish to avoid catastrophe brought on by telling your boss where to shove it, piercing your nose, or shaving your head, give one or all of these a try and see how you feel. Maybe things will change for you a bit.

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Number one: Change the scenery

This is my go-to strategy for shaking off the funk. Whether you’re on your morning jog, staring out the window, or having sex, a change of scenery can be a magical relief from tedium. Change your jog route. Go outside for a walk. Have sex in the kitchen instead of the bedroom. Your brain loves new information. It grasps onto all new information and your body responds differently to the new stimuli. It is exciting.

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Number two: Trade coffee for tea

This may not seem like a change big enough to make a difference, but I’m telling you it is. Trade in that black sludge for a more enlightening beverage. I swear the whole experience of having a cup of tea after your morning meditation tickles your grey matter in a whole different way than a cup of coffee while you try to drag your butt into consciousness.

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Number three: Try a new hairdo

Sometimes all it takes is tweaking your style. This can raise your confidence and give you a fresh new look. If you need a cut, go for something edgy and sexy. This will definitely give you a new outlook on life and shake things up for you in a way that nothing else can. And if it turns out you don’t like the new cut, never fear-hair grows back.

Number four: Experiment with new recipes

Yes, change what you eat. The new food (hopefully healthier) will make your body feel different than your normal repetitive diet. There are so many recipes online it’s redonk. If you are like me then you don’t cook. Well, look at what you normally eat and brainstorm what you can substitute. Hunger is something that we are constantly dealing with even if we don’t think about it. It can be frustrating and very boring. Make a healthy change and feel the difference in your body and mind. Start here.

Number five: Buy a couple new outfits

Now I know this can be a challenge for those of us who live humbly. But if you do have the money to swing it, then do so. It takes us back to tweaking your style. Buy something you never would have bought before for whatever reason. sometimes clothes that are out of our comfort zone actually look better than the usual garb. Push these boundaries. Take a candid friend with you to help you out. A neutral eye is a fabulous resource.

Number six: Create a new habit

Now don’t go out and pick up smoking or casual sex hookups, but find something healthy like a daily walk or meditation session. They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit. I don’t know about that, but if it’s true it seems reasonable enough. Humans are creatures of habit to be sure. We thrive on our habits. So pick something brand new and exciting and entrench it into your neural pathways. Your brain will thank you for it and your outlook will improve.

Number seven: Take up a new hobby

Want to learn how to crochet? Need more time for leisure reading? Or perhaps you want to learn how to weld (I do!). Well then, do it! Who says you can’t do this or that. Does it seem too hard? IDGAF. You can do hard things, I promise. Make the time to do something new every day that is just for your own enjoyment. Many of us do not do this, and it’s stifling. We stagnate in our routine of boredom. Cut out that hour of working late and designate it for your new hobby. This will make you happier and give you a boost of self-efficacy.

Number eight: Try one new thing every day for a week

Now, these don’t have to be huge new things, as that can be expensive and the logistics may not work with your schedule. I mean do small new things every day. Go get lunch from a place you have never been. Designate a Saturday to go to a meetup of strangers with similar interests. Explore the Kama Sutra and pick a new experience for you and your partner to try. Do this for at least a week. This will shake things up for you and introduce the element of surprise, which is also good for your brain and overall wellness.

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Number nine: Create a month-long challenge for yourself and stick to it

This can be as simple as increasing the amount of water you take in every day. It can be as complicated as creating some new piece of art or craft every day. However you want to do it, make sure to track your progress and record your experience in some sort of media. Invite your friends and Twitter followers to take part with you. People love challenges, especially those they find online. Make it a group effort and it will be fun as well as beneficial.

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Number ten: Put together a vision board

If you have never done this, I’m here to tell you that it is extra fun to put a vision board together. It can be as artistic or as utilitarian as you want. I tend to go for artsy, but many people like their boards to be neat and organized. A vision board should be placed in a spot where you see it often-like by the bathroom mirror, in the living room, or your desk at work. Not only are they motivational and utilize the laws of attraction, but they also get the imagination going, and that’s always fun. Imagination is a great tool to improve your performance in nearly any task.

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And that’s it for this list. I hope you try one or all of these ideas. These are all things that I have done to throw off the in-a-rut blues. I have found these things to be very effective and valuable. I will be back another time with a fresh list of ways to shake it up, but for now, give these a whirl. You may be pleasantly surprised. Until next time, lovelies! I’m out.


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