Understanding Autism

Surviving as a Parent With an Autistic Child I know, it seems like we’ve heard this all before, right? Dealing with autism is hard. VERY hard. It tries the best of us to within an inch of our sanity at times. We get hurt. We make mistakes. We misunderstand. We just cannot connect to ourContinue reading “Understanding Autism”


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A Day In My Life

Whether I am blogging, responding to a million emails, or following people on Twitter, I always have a project going. I do these things to build up my following-I want people to read my blog! (and possibly hire me after I start pitching). During a few days of the month, I am busy writing 30-35 articles, blog posts, and landing page content for BizMilk.com. I love doing this and it brings in extra money, but it’s not a full time gig.

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