A Day In My Life

How I Life All Day

By Andrea Watson | September 24, 2020
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Hello darlings! Since this is a lifestyle blog, I thought I would take the advice of other lifestyle bloggers and write about a day in my life. I won’t do this often, and I thank you for reading this one. So what happens during a typical day in my life? Lots of stuff. Just like you, I am busy; writing, responding to my wonderful followers, appointments, taking care of my kid, all that. So without further ado, I say we jump right in. So let’s go!

It Begins

I wake up. When? Around 9:30. Why so late? Because I need the extra hour and a half of sleep (I’m a Taurus, we need like 32 hours of sleep per day). My son instantly needs food. His name is Lucien and he has has autism and severe ADHD. So anyway, Lucien is hungry. I have him take off his pull-up and hop into a quick bath. He is 8, but potty training is extra hard with autistic kids. After we are washed up we head downstairs for our morning food and other routine things.

The Undertaker (of projects and stuff)

Whether I am blogging, responding to a million emails, or following people on Twitter, I always have a project going. I do these things to build up my following-I want people to read my blog! (and possibly hire me after I start pitching). During a few days of the month, I am busy writing 30-35 articles, blog posts, and landing page content for BizMilk.com. I love doing this and it brings in extra money, but it’s not a full time gig. Most days it’s a lot of what I mentioned previously. I start off with my email accounts (I have several, for different purposes).

My business inbox is flooded with LinkedIn and Indeed emails, as well as those from the blogs I follow. By the way, if you ever want me to write on a specific topic, just email me, I’d love to take requests! My address is awatsonworks@gmail.com. Just put “blog topic” in the subject line so I know it’s important. I try not to spend more than 30 minutes on emails. After all, it could go on for days if I let it. Next comes social media. Twitter is the one I concentrate on the most, and as of right now I have 575 followers (not bad, I only had 88 yesterday). I know this is not a big number compared to most Tweeters, but it’s big to me. I tweet inspirational stuff and each blog post I write.

After social media, I get down to the business of writing. My sister has a great system of writing a bunch in one day and scheduling them out to be posted later. Check out her awesome blog on psychology in every day life here to learn about all kinds of cool stuff. Donate if you can! (Support a budding blogger!) She writes on stuff like self care during the pandemic, suicide prevention (if you are suffering, please follow the link and call the number-we care about you!), and mindfulness, plus she takes requests too! I don’t have an awesome system. I just write and hope that I get one in every day. Like right now!

Caring for Lucien

Lucien is supposed to be in online school. But right now his device that the school provided is not working and the school is not very responsive about it, so he is free for now. After breakfast he usually goes outside to play. He comes in around lunchtime to get some food. I hop off my laptop and wash my hands. “What do you want for lunch, son? We have sandwiches, Lunchables, soup, etc., etc.” Of course, being autistic, none of this sounds good and he has a meltdown. My favorite. (I rely on my sarcastic humor to cope, guys). Finally the struggle ends and he has eaten and goes back outside.


Some days we have appointments with Access Behavioral Health (Boise, Idaho). They do counseling, DD services, and med management. Since Covid-19 has become a thing, they only do phone appointments, which I love. I just log into their provider lobby and do the whole thing over the phone. I don’t have to drive or worry about parking or getting dressed up, it’s the best thing ever. On Monday-Friday , Lucien has his DD services, being Habilitative Intervention, or HI through Access with one of his workers, either Luke or Patrick. He likes this generally. I like it too because it gives me a break in the afternoon. Yes!! I get to follow my own advice! In the evening after dinner, I go back to working. I log into to LinkedIn and learn about SEO and stuff like that.

Wrapping Up

That’s really it. I mean, I know it sounds boring, and a lot of the time it is. But I am content. Lucien goes to bed at 8:30 and I go to bed around 10 or 11, after going back to Twitter to follow up for the night. I work hard to get my blog out there and to understand what it takes to make it as a freelance writer. I’m still new to all of this. But I love it-it’s my dream job. Maybe someday I’ll get paid to be a blogger, who knows? That would be beyond awesome. I love having readers, and I love talking to them through writing and getting comments back. I hope my blog helps you guys in some way. Thanks for reading about my life!

A day in my life

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