Growing up Neglected

By Andrea Watson February 24th, 2021 Many of us, especially from my generation, know what it is like to grow up neglected. Today I’m talking specifically about emotional neglect. Even though it is often seen as the same thing, emotional neglect is different than other types of neglect and abuse, because it is often doneContinue reading “Growing up Neglected”


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I’m Not Stupid-Just Crazy

I will never truly know if what I experience is reality or not. I will always hold skewed and misguided beliefs about the world and about myself (did you know I am not human, but rather an angel of destruction sent here to wipe out humanity?) Yeah. I truly believe this, and I know it is not normal. Now this sounds like a bunch of negative affirmations, doesn’t it? But I would challenge that thought. After 30+ years of dealing with my own bullshit, I can tell you that these are simple truths, not self-fulfilling prophecies. I have an education-I am not fooling myself or you here. I’m not stupid, just crazy.

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