30 Things to do by the Time You’re 30

Time for a fun post. I know some of these things are better suited to people who are a bit younger, but let’s just say if you haven’t done these things but the time you turn 30, you might want to get on it. I’ve compiled a list of activities and such that will make you more well-rounded, more experienced, and perhaps a little more naughty by the time 30 hits. I know, I know, I’m over 40 and I haven’t done everything on this list yet- some of us are late bloomers. For the rest of you, here ya go!

1. Become fluent in how credit works. This will protect you overall throughout your life better than any other one single thing I can think of.

2. Travel. Go for far and wide if you can, but if not, a Greyhound to San Diego is good too.

3. Read “Gone With the Wind”. And don’t question my authority 😉

4. Decide on family. Do you want to have kids eventually? By the time 30 hits the biological clock is ticking pretty loudly.

5. Give a public speech in front of people. No joke, on average, people are more afraid of this than death. Seriously. Do it! It builds character and confidence and you might actually start something. Plus, you’ll become the badass who’s no longer afraid of public speaking, and that’s just killer.

6. Go on a “survival” camping trip. Can you build your own fire and start it without a lighter? Can you identify what to eat and what to leave alone? Can you use a makeshift blade to field dress an animal? What’s a field dress? Okay then learn how. Get trained for survival in the wild and then go do it for a day or two or more. Push yourself. You will feel awesome and more confident in your own skills.

7. Get drunk at a concert by a local band.

8. Make a friend from another country.

9. Create your masterpiece.

10. Go through an adult “phase” with some non-mainstream kind of music like ska or bluegrass.

11. Pierce whatever you want to.

12. Set goals for where you want to be by the time you’re 40.

13. Take a course on world religions.

14. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

15. Spend a night in jail. No serious crimes here- no drinking and driving, no drugs, just a little misdemeanor that gets you stuck in county until they release you on your own recognizance the next morning.

16. Attend a protest. Or a lot of protests.

17. Memorize a classic American poem, such as “The Raven”.

18. Read “The Waste Land” (don’t question my authority again 😉)

“I will show you fear in a handful of dust”

-T.S. Eliot

19. Host a fancy dinner party. I mean, I never have and likely never will but if you do it it’ll almost be like I did it, right?

20. Explore stoner culture, and if it’s for you, join in, man. The more the merrier!

21. Go on a spiritual journey. However you do it- meditation, peyote, sweat lodge. Do it at least once and learn about your deepest self.

22. Give to charity.

23. Have someone read you your fortune.

24. Plant a tree.

25. Sell a pair of your used panties online (yes, there are websites for that) and see how much you can get. Then use the proceeds to get yourself a little gift. At least consider it.

26. Try your hand at a musical instrument.

27. Do something that gives you a huge rush of adrenaline, like skydiving or swimming with sharks.

28. For heaven’s sake, learn to drive a stick already!

29. Attend at least one pagan festival.

30. Fall in love.

There. That should be a good start. We got the practical, the fun, and the totally “out there” all in one post for you. I’m sure you will find some benefit in all these things, even if it is just to solidify in your mind that you don’t want to be a lifelong criminal. You will learn from each of these experiences, and they are all things you can cross off your “been there, done it” list. Have fun and don’t take it all so seriously. Until next time,

Andrea xo


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