Why Back to School is the Perfect Time to get Your Self-Care on

As most of you know, I’m a single mom. I’ll be the first to admit that I am super relieved that my kid is back in school for the year. During the summer months, I get almost no time for myself. Not only is my son always around, but he’s also very clingy which means he’s always in the same room that I’m in. Back to school time is happy time. I’ve been gasping for air as far as self care goes. Now it’s my turn.

Maybe some of you can relate. I know summertime can be challenging for many of us, whether we are single, married, or in a relationship. Back to school time is the perfect time to get your self care on. You may not have an excess of time on your hands like I do, but it’s likely that with the kids back in school your schedule is a little bit loosened up. The first thing I’m doing is going to the dentist.

My healthcare and my dental care are things that suffer during the summertime. This is because I have no babysitter, and my son cannot sit in a waiting room by himself. So I’m going to go get this broken tooth pulled because it’s killing my mouth. I’m also going to go get a checkup where the doctor will check my blood pressure and anything else she deems necessary.

The second thing I’m going to do is take a nap. This is a great way to get some self-care in. I say, get it while you can. Being an adult can be tiring, what with all the scheduling and errands and financial worries. I highly suggested if you find time in your rush of a day, even if it’s only one time per week, that you indulge in some nappage. You never know how much good a little bit of sleep can do until you try it.

Another thing I’m planning on doing is to get back to my hobbies. I love to paint and ride and make jewelry and that kind of stuff, but I haven’t done any of that over the summer. Well, I have written occasionally but I want to do more. Engaging in our hobbies is a fantastic way to lighten our mood, change our outlook on life, and give us some greatly needed stress relief.

I’m going to work on strengthening and nourishing my relationships during this time as well. I have more time to call and meet with friends. I also have more time to call my family. Maintaining relationships is something that’s really hard for me, and it takes conscious effort for me to do. So every day, I’m going to get on the phone and call at least one person who I love and make sure that they know that I love them.

Finally, one thing that I’ll be doing is reigniting the fever of passion that I have for writing. I plan on posting more blog posts, working more, and writing for pleasure while my son is away. In fact I have a pretty big project going right now. I can’t wait to spend the time required to get it done. After all, writing is more than just a hobby for me. It’s the thing I love. The thing that makes me the happiest.

I’ve been in a deep dark depression lately. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the fact that things aren’t quite going my way in life right now. Whatever it is, with my son back in school, I feel more empowered to do something about it. No more staying in bed all day, no more putting off chores. No more ignoring myself. It’s time to pick myself up, engage in the things I’ve listed above, and feel better overall. I have the free time to do it, and that’s why back to school is the perfect time to get my self care on. Until next time,

Andrea xo


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Content writer by day, masked and caped Super Lifestyle and wellness blogger by night, painter, author of short story erotica. Craves attention, loves to engage, all around creative

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