Choose Your Life

by Andrea Watson | January 7, 2021

In the wake of yesterday’s events in our nation’s capital, many of us are feeling ill at ease, to say the least. The attempted insurrection and assault on democracy hit our nation like a freight train, sending shock waves through every acre of our cultivated soil; striking a chord in every heart, and serving to divide our people from one another. In an instant, our political views drove us to turn against our neighbors-friend against friend, sibling against sibling, father against child. Our disagreements regarding the presidency exploded into a cacophony of epic proportions, reaching a level of volatility akin to the declaration of civil war. We watched in horrified awe as the foundations of democracy crumbled before us and the system began to sway as if to tumble down, unable to look away from the events unfolding on the screen. No matter how we felt about the behavior of these domestic terrorists, whether we agreed with their sentiment or not, we were all glued to it, for and against alike.

The terror that struck my heart yesterday as I faced my worst fear on a computer screen got me thinking. Who are the people surrounding me? Do I trust them? Would they stand and defend our lives against any threat that imposed itself upon us? I looked around. I am currently living with my son, my best friend, and my boyfriend. I do not have anybody else in this town to turn to. No family, no friends, no safe harbor. I am lucky because I know I can trust my best friend with my life. I have the help of two capable men to defend my son if need be, and when faced with the possible ramifications of yesterday’s events, my boyfriend remained cool and collected, and swore to stay with me regardless of what happens. I am lucky again because our major political views align with each others’ fairly seamlessly. I feel secure that they would not betray me if push comes to shove.

The story is different between my parents and me. I believe they are on the wrong side. They support the man who incited and condoned the acts of the traitors. I cannot stand by them. I cannot trust them. I cannot turn to them for help or shelter ever again. Yesterday’s events shifted the paradigm in such a way as to sever all bonds we have besides that one which is natural and indestructible; blood. I know that if war broke out, they would gladly send their side hurtling against mine in a murderous rage, sweeping away lives like those of my oldest nephews’. The young men of our family, if called upon to fight, would be the targets of their intention. And I cannot stomach this. It is an insurmountable obstacle in our relationship now and will be for the rest of our lives. There is no more polite side-stepping when it comes to politics-we are either allies or enemies. And sadly, I know who my closest enemies are.

I feel it is important for us all to evaluate where we are in life; what we believe in, who are the people that surround us truly, and how prepared are we to face the oncoming challenges that this political upheaval poses? If we were to go to war tomorrow, brother against brother, what side would we be on and why? What are we willing to do to defend ourselves, and are we capable of doing so? And would we give our lives to protect our freedom and what we stand for? These questions may seem to be too alarmist in nature. “There’s not going to be any civil war”, you may say to yourself. And you may very well be right. Yesterday’s events could be an isolated bump in the road for the freedom and sovereignty of our United States. If this is the case, then by everything holy, give thanks! But history has taught us that we are never so far removed from the destruction of an empire that our malcontent cannot push us to the brink in the time it takes to bat an eyelash.

Where do you stand? You need to know this. To be sure. To be secure. To do what you believe is right. This is no time for sitting on the fence; revolution is stirring beneath our feet and in our hearts and those who are undecided will be called traitors on both sides. Choose your life. Choose who you share it with. Be sure that those who share your home and your hearth are those who will be steadfast in the defense of all your interests and provisions. Be sure that who you live with is who you are willing to stand with if worse comes to worst. Evaluate your priorities, plan accordingly, and be safe in the place that you call home. Until next time,

Andrea xo


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