Life With Boys

My bed is full of dirt

Boys Are…

I once saw a meme that said “The definition of a boy: noise with dirt on it”. I grew up with three sisters and zero brothers. I never really dated. The only example of male life in my youth was my father, who was not always there. I knew nothing about boys until I turned 30. Then, I was blessed with a magical, beautiful son who I named Lucien. My educated began at that point. When he was an infant, his baby behavior was not much different than my girl babies. But as he got older, I started to notice differences. As soon as he could move independently he was into EVERYTHING. And then I realized that definition of boys from that meme was absolutely true. Check it out:

Get Out Of My Bed!!

My son has slept in my bed with me since the day he was born. Every night. In my bed. I know it’s my fault, but I don’t know how to change it. He is 8 now and we still sleep together. I like it, it’s cozy and I feel loved when he wants me to snuggle him. It’s sweet. But look, Mac, you’re gonna need your own bed eventually! He has one, but he just won’t use it. I mean, look:

Boys Are Sweet And They Love Their Mamas.

It’s true. My son is a mama’s boy for sure (Oops!) This is partly because his dad has not been in his life since he was 9 days old. He has had only me and his aunt (we all lived together as a big family for years. it was wonderful!) He calls her Button and their relationship is actually a mother/son thing. It’s good that way, because the child has 2 moms (Lucky boy!). His cousins are actually brothers and sisters to him and that’s the way uh-huh uh-huh we like it!

Boys are Funner Than Girls

Boys love dirt. They attract it. You can give a boy a bath and send him on his was and five minute later they come back all grubby. Like wtf man, how did this happen?? Who knows? It just happens and you can’t do anything about it. Boys play hard. they are not afraid of bugs and they really dig into everything they do. You could almost say “They dance like nobody’s watching” and that is pure awesomesauce.

My Life With A Grown Up Boy

Today I am living with Lucien and my bestest friend in the world, Ty. No, we have never been and never will be romantic in any way. But living with him is great. It’s nice to have a man around in any capacity and although he is not like a father to my son, he is a great influence and example for him. I love my best friend and I love having him around on a daily. He is fun, funny, encouraging, and someone I can help take care of when he needs things he can’t get for himself. And here he is:

Summing Up

Not trying to be biased here. I have girls too, and they are precious to me. Nemo and Lilian, I’m talking to you here. You can see one of them, my oldest, Nemo, above in the collage with Lucien. But this post is about life with boys. Basically, it rocks. It’s a wild ride full of dirt, spit, bugs, drawing on mom, making messes, and sweet, sweet snuggles. I love life with boys, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I only wish I had a brother or two growing up. But, I love all three of my sisters dearly, any I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. Being a mom to my son is one of the greatest joys I have in my life. He may be rough-and-tumble but at the end of the day, his love for me has no bounds. And that, my friends, is like having the purest light of the universe flowing into me. Thanks for reading. Until next time, my beloved readers.

Andrea xo


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