99 Topics For The Lifestyle Blogger

by Andrea Watson | October 11, 2020

Welcome lovelies! Today I have a long list for you. It is the result of my morning brainstorming session. There are 99 topic ideas for the fabulous lifestyle blogger in this post. I have tried to steer clear of topics I have seen on lists I have read and stick to my own unique ideas. I have already used some of these ideas and I plan to use all of them, eventually. If you can get through them all, I congratulate you. I hope you find this information helpful in your endeavors. Let’s get right to it!

Wellness Topics

  1. Showing love to others
  2. 10 healthy habits to pick up
  3. Forgiving yourself
  4. Natural ways to relax
  5. How to get better sleep
  6. How to give yourself a daily break
  7. Practicing self-love
  8. Healthy eating habits
  9. How meditation has helped you
  10. Mental health awareness
  11. Setting boundaries
  12. Your experience with cutting out unhealthy habits
  13. Benefits of forgiving others
  14. How Covid has affected you
  15. How you deal with daily obstacles
  16. Benefits of moderate stress (yes, these DO exist)
  17. Moving on after a breakup
  18. Living with a condition you have

Self-Revealing Topics

  1. 10 important life lessons you have learned
  2. A day in my life
  3. What you didn’t know about me
  4. New trends you like
  5. What symbols speak to you and how you use them
  6. How you use technology and the benefit you get from it
  7. How-to instruction on your favorite hobby
  8. Your blogging inspiration
  9. Your daily routine
  10. How LinkedIn or other sites have helped your career
  11. Unique talents you have
  12. Favorite books list
  13. Favorite movies list
  14. Top 10 favorite products
  15. The single life
  16. Your daily eating habits
  17. What your workspace is like and the pro/cons of your setup
  18. What you do for a living
  19. Your fashion identity
  20. Your favorite musicians
  21. Your feelings on specific hot-button topics
  22. Your fitness routine
  23. Your favorite holiday activities
  24. Your highest aspirations
  25. Your deepest fears
  26. Funny stories about your life
  27. Your bedroom layout/decor
  28. What’s in your fridge
  29. How you explain the meaning of life
  30. How you resolve moral dilemmas
  31. What’s in your bathroom cabinet
  32. The story of you and your best friend
  33. Where you stand on political issues
  34. Your favorite baby names
  35. Your favorite blogs to follow
  36. Who/what influences your style
  37. Your astrological sign and what it means
  38. How you use your weekend
  39. Your life philosophy

Quality of Life Topics

  1. How to manage big obstacles in life
  2. Vision boards
  3. Setting realistic goals and steps to achieving them
  4. Benefits of trying new things
  5. Applying creativity to your life
  6. Increasing confidence
  7. How to gain self-efficacy
  8. Nurturing friendships
  9. Avoiding toxic relationships
  10. Taking care of your pet
  11. Showing gratitude
  12. Underrated skills that everyone should develop
  13. Best ways to be an active, supportive ally to the LGBTQ community
  14. Why you should read to your child everyday
  15. Life with autism (or another disabling condition
  16. Benefits of performing service/outreach
  17. How homelessness affects society and you
  18. How to be thrifty and still live well
  19. Tactics for effective confrontation
  20. How to love your introvert friend or family member
  21. Learning to accept other peoples’ flaws
  22. How to affect change in your life
  23. How to stretch your resources
  24. Best ways to spend winter days
  25. Monthly challenges and how to implement and share them

Opinion Topics

  1. App reviews
  2. Skin care products you love
  3. Top 10 lists
  4. Recipes you love
  5. Book reviews
  6. Product reviews

Cool Idea Topics

  1. Neat tattoo ideas
  2. Gift ideas for Christmas 2020
  3. Monthly blog roundup
  4. Book report

How-To Topics

  1. Tips for growing a blog
  2. Proper hair care and maintenance
  3. Tips on tweaking your style
  4. How to use Instagram to promote yourself/your blog/your brand
  5. Basics of WordPress
  6. How to write better

So there you go. I hope you will try out some of these ideas. I also hope you will comment below with some of your own ideas for a lifestyle blog. Happy writing to you! Until next time.

Andrea xo


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Content writer by day, masked and caped Super Lifestyle and wellness blogger by night, painter, author of short story erotica. Craves attention, loves to engage, all around creative

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