What’s App Part 2!

10 more of the Best apps for 2020

By Andrea Watson | September 28, 2020
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Yes, everybody, it’s true. I’m back again with part 2 of the best apps for 2020 and I’ve got 10 more amazing apps that you just have to try. Why? Because our lives run on apps. Plus, it was a lot of fun doing the first part, I just had to have more-and hopefully so do you. This time we have music, writing, security, and more! So strap yourself in for a wild ride through app-land and get ready to share “What’s App?” with your friends and family!


We kick things off with this home security app called Alfred. This one truly is a gem. I have used it at work and at home for peace of mind and security. You need two devices to run Alfred properly. One is for displaying what’s going on and the other is for watching what’s going on. It’s kind of like a baby monitor, but way more sophisticated. You set up the display device in a place where you have the best view of the area you want to watch. For example, at my previous job, I used it to monitor my client’s bedroom, since she was severely disabled and needed to be watched 24/7. I could see and hear everything that went on in her bedroom all night long, even with the lights off, thanks to the night vision. On the other end (my phone) I watched and listened. I could even speak through my phone and she could hear me on her end if it was needed. You can set up the devices anywhere you want, set alerts for movement, add cameras, and review specific moments. You can even upgrade to a paid plan for more features.

Live transcribe

If you are a writer, chances are you have spent at least some time taking voice notes instead of directly writing stuff down. I have done a lot of this, and my problem has been getting my voice recordings down in writing. I recently found Live Transcribe and was immediately impressed. I can hold my phone up to my laptop, push play on the desired file, and the words pop up on my computer as the file is playing. It even works with voice clips on Facebook messenger (which is where all my audio files are). This app is a life saver. Now I don’t have to sit down and write out every word of the hundreds of minutes I have spoken. What a relief!


Here is a cool app. Shazam can identify the music playing around you. It’s so frustrating when you hear a song on the radio or something and you really like it but don’t know what it is. Shazam fixes that problem for you. It tells you what the song is. You can also search for lyrics, songs, and artists that you are interested in. For example, when you type in “standing in line” it pops up with Gucci Mane’s “Standing in line”. But this is not the song I was looking for. Never fear, for Shazam will display more than one result., The number two result is the song I am looking for, “By the Way” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Then it plays a clip for you and gives you the option to go to Apple Music. Not only that, but it also plays other song clips from the same artist! It goes even further to play other artists’ clips in the same genre. This app is awesome.

PayPal Business

This app is essential for anyone selling services online. For example, I write web content for BizMilk on a monthly basis. How do they pay me? Through PayPal business, of course! I send them a detailed and descriptive invoice with the template the app provides. I send it via email. Then one of the guys at BizMilk pays the invoice and viola! Done. Easy. I can even add memos to the invoice that the client cannot see…stuff that only I need access to. Then my invoice is kept and filed away in order. I love this app. It costs a little bit to move your money around, but it is worth it, especially if you are getting paid larger amounts of money in one go. I find this app invaluable to me and my web-based clients.

Life 360

This app is super cool. It allows you to gather people into groups; say your best friends are in one group and you family in another. As long as everyone is running the app, you can see where they are in real time. You can see what percentage their phone is at and you can request check-ins and send out an SOS if you are in trouble. This is a great app for staying closely connected, especially if part of your circle is going on a trip, you can always know where they are and if they are okay. There is also a crash report to tell you if your friends have been in an accident. Very handy.

YouCam Perfect-Best Selfie Camera & Photo Editor

Here I go with another photo app. This one is close to my favorite. You can do so many things with this app. It will take pictures for you, unlike other apps. Then you have a wide array of editing tools, including face shaper, highlights, filters, auto correct, acne remover, and many others, Some features you can only use if you go premium, which I don’t. I find I can make a great selfie without spending extra money. This is a good one for making sure your social media pictures are the best they can be.

Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard

I like this app a lot. I use it on my phone. The Swiftkey keyboard actually learns how you type. It uses that information to predict what you are going to type next. It is so much faster to tap on the predicted words while texting than it is to type out every single word. Give it a try-you won’t be disappointed!

YouTube Music

This is one app that I find essential. YouTube music gives you pretty much any song or artist you search for. Listen for as long as you want for free-no downloads required, but this option is available if you do want to download. The only thing is that there are ads and if you leave the app to do anything else on your phone, the music stops. But for a small monthly fee you can get rid of the ads and have your music going no matter what else you are doing on your phone. The investment is totally worth it.

Plenty Of Fish

Yes, I went there-for my readers. I find it incredible that POF is still the best dating app. It’s free, and you can message other people for no charge (unlike most other dating apps). Also, you have the option to swipe through pics or look at a user’s full profile before you swipe. You can also do an advanced search with all the filters. It is so easy to use and user friendly that this app stands out from the others. If you are looking for a partner, friend, or occasional hookup buddy, Plenty Of Fish is the way to go.


I saved the best for last here. I freaking LOVE this app. It teaches you another language with ten minute long lessons that are easy to grasp and work through. There are lots of languages to choose from, including Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, Russian, and so many more! The app is beautifully made and sleek. It makes learning fun, and you go at your own pace. Things you missed are presented to you later, so you don’t just miss out on material. I am currently learning Spanish and I recommended this app to everyone in my family and all of my friends. I recommend it for anyone who even has the slightest interest in learning another language.

So there you have it. Ten more amazing apps to keep your life fun, secure, and efficient. Check them out if you haven’t already. Share with friends and family, use the apps together so everyone can enjoy! What are some of your favorite apps? Comment below and let me know, I’ll give them a try! As always, I love guest posts and comments, plus I take requests! Hit me up!

What’s App Pt. 2!

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