What Do You Know?

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

By Andrea Watson | September 30, 2020
-T. S. Eliot, The Wasteland

Hello again beautiful readers! As you probably are aware, you and I don’t know each other too well. (Surprise, Captain Obvious!) Well that’s okay. You see, today I am taking another hint from another lifestyle blogger and presenting you with ten things you didn’t know about me. I hope that when I am all done, you will tell me something I don’t know about you! That is, if I can figure out how to create a comment section, for heaven’s sake. It’s so tricky with WordPress and I don’t technology very well. Nothing to do now except jump right in. So let’s go!

One: I Have A Cat

And her name is Pantera. We got her at the Idaho Humane Society almost two tears ago. I wanted to get her so she could be a support animal for my son, Lucien. She really fills the role nicely. She loves humans and she loves love. She is always rubbing up against us, begging to be petted, She sleeps on my face at night, or on her boy’s head-either one will do. She is nine years old and has just recently discovered how awesome outside is. Now she spends half the day outside instead of how she used to spend all day inside, never hinting at going out. She is so patient and calm, too. Whether she is being hauled around by my son or getting her talons clipped, she just takes it with grace and waits until the activity is over. Then she slinks away to hide upstairs in the sunniest of rooms in our apartment.

Two: I’ve Had 7 Kids

Yes, I know. That’s a lot. Tell me about it. Three of the seven were triplets (I don’t recommend doing this on purpose) and they were all nice big healthy babies. In fact, most of my babies were healthy at birth. Only my first and my last (being 13 years apart) were born premature and needed a little extra help to get going in life. My kids’ names are, in order: Naomi (Nemo), Lilian, Eli, Jarence, Lawrence, CJ, and Lucien. How did I do it all? Well, that’s for me to know. I have to keep some information to myself, after all.

Three: My Favorite Book

Is called “A Million Little Pieces” by James Frey. This book is gut-wrenching, bold, sickening, and fan- freakin’- tastic. It kept me up at night, devouring it. This is a “memoir” that lends a bit of creative license to the author. Not all of it is true. But a lot of it is. This book is followed up by another, called “My Best Friend Leonard”, which continues the story in a beautiful, heartbreaking manner. For an excellent read or two, get both and gobble them up!

Four: I Used To Bleach My Hair
white haired woman wearing a tank top and necklaces looking up and away from the camera

Absolutely freakin’ white! Did it look good? I think so. Did it feel good? Why yes, it did. What it a good decision? Hell no! I spent like a year and a half trying to grow back my long, lustrous, undamaged hair after my blonde/white phase. I have really experimented a lot with my hair (my favorite color is pink :D) but I have never had such consequences as I did when I was bleaching it. My hair became too thin and fragile to brush out. It fell out of my head on a whim, and left me with a thin layer of cotton white wisps that I could do almost nothing with. It made for some really great selfies, like this one on the left, but it was not worth those shots, as they didn’t even get me anywhere or anything. Not that a picture could…could it?

Five: I Majored In Psychology

Yes, it’s true. I am a psych nerd. Originally this blog was going to be about psychology in every day life, but I gave up on that idea and handed it over to my sister, who now writes a blog called the tiny couch. She got further in school than I did anyway. She has a master’s degree and I am 3 credits away from a bachelors (dammit!). Sometimes we collaborate and a lot of the time I edit her work. She writes on really cool topics, you should check it out! And of course, we all love Freud, tongue-in-cheek. Seriously though. She takes a humanistic/existential approach and I lean more toward an evolutionary one. Go science. I studied at University of Phoenix for as long as I could-about 4 and a half years-until my wheels fell off right at the very end of my bachelors program (again, dammit!).

Six: I’m A Total Nerd

It’s true. I love all things Star Trek, Stargate, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. These are my fandoms and I go absolutely crazy when I see my favorite actors, hear my favorite lines, or when new stuff comes out. I totally fan-girl over these things. Especially Lord of the Rings. Anything Tolkien,actually. Yes, I have read the Silmarillion. The Hobbit was my very first favorite book as a child and I still read the trilogy over and over again as an adult. Now this picture you see hear refers to a specific scene in my favorite Star Trek episode (season five, episode 2 Next Gen). It’s awesome. If you don’t ever watch another episode of Star Trek, at least watch this one.

Seven: I’m A Witch!
witch bowl full of crystals, sage, cinnamon, and lavender

And by that I mean I practice witchcraft the Wiccan way. I burn sage, light incense, collect rocks and crystals, pray to the Goddess, dance naked under the full moon, observe and celebrate the cycles of nature, and all that other stuff. Do I own a wand? Yes. A Cauldron? More like a bowl, actually. Can I fly? I wish! Some things you just shouldn’t believe. For more information on this way of life, I suggest you read “A Witches’ Bible” which you can find online or at your local witchy shop. Yes, those are a thing!

Eight: I Paint

Okay, I never said I paint well. I just kind of slap colors onto canvas and add a few different things as medium and bam! I have a painting! I have used dirt, rocks, cigarette butts, needles, blood, ash, skin, and tin foil in some of my past works, among other things. I know it’s weird and kinda creepy. But all works of art call for their very own individual touches, and mine just call for stranger things I guess. I use brushes or fingers or rags to paint. I add charcoal or marker or chalk on top of the paint for effect. I write words on my paintings-long poems or short blips that I used in past writing projects. Check out this Rock-N-Roll-Jesus I did a couple of years back. Charming, huh?

Nine: I’m A Tattooed Freak

How many do I have exactly? Well I don’t know. I do know that I have around 22 professionally done tattoos, and then I have a whole lot that I did myself or my best friend did for me. You see, he bought a tattoo gun and let me play with it. Bad move. If I can color, I will…on myself with a tattoo gun and tons of ink is the preferred method at this point. No, I don’t regret my crappy self-made tattoos. They have their own style and they make sense to me, if nobody else and that’s just fine. Life’s too short to not take the opportunity to illustrate yourself. These ones in the picture are ones I did myself.

Ten: I Throw Knives-Well

To round out my tattooed, freak painting, nerdy experimenting self, I gotta add that I love throwing knives. It is my favorite hobby. I began to learn about two years ago. My friend bought my this beautiful set of throwing knives which I promptly named Sarah, Annie, and Betty. They were my ladies and Betty was my favorite. (see them in the picture to the left) I started by balancing them, then moved to dancing with them (to loosen up and get the flow of it all), and finally two months after they came to me I threw one for the fist time. I sucked. Bad. But with hours of practice every day and over time collecting more and more sets of knives, I became absolutely lethal. There was not a target I could not hit, no matter how small. As long as it was not at a long distance, I was dead on every time. Then practice time dwindled down and I lost my edge. But with renewed effort I am gaining it back. I am passionate about this hobby and my collection. I just love knives!


So there you have it. Ten things you didn’t know about me. I’m twisted in some ways but oh, so delightful to be around! I’m sort of well-rounded and practiced in a few different things. I love what I choose to do and I love the freedom it gives me. I follow my dreams, and they take me to sometimes strange but wonderful places. Til next time!

Ten things you didn’t know about me

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