Let’s Talk About Stoncks

You don’t have to understand the stock market to comprehend what is going on here. Everybody’s jumping on the “Eat the Rich” bandwagon lately, right? Right. Me too. But why are we attacking the stock market? Isn’t that what holds up our economy by allowing corporations to grow big and gain an advantage over competitors? Yes, that is exactly why we’re doing it. Because it props up a broken system. It is a system that has served only to keep the rich rich and the poor poor. The issue, as it stands before us today, is that the imbalance of wealth in this country is greater than it has been since the French Revolution, and people haven’t been this poor in general since The Great Depression. We are attacking the problem from the inside out, ripping at the underbelly of The Beast to spill its vital organs and take them for our own. So the question is, how hungry are you, really? I am personally ravenous.

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