Men and Their Tools

On Caveman Penis Culture

By Andrea Watson | December 26, 2020

Penises have been long worshiped by various cultures, since caveman times. This is the reason for my subheading. Because deep down, on our very base level, all humans are still ruled by caveman tendencies, men and women alike. I don’t mean to cause a debate here, I am just leaning back on my evolutionary theory beliefs. Let’s just take what I said and move on.

When our boys are born, they are adorable little squishes of mancub delight. They are the apples of our eyes. Then they start rolling around and discovering new body parts. Every time we change their diapers they are presented with new opportunities to reach downs and grab their dangly bits. It is simply fascinating to the. As they grow, they go through different penis-related phases. By the age of four, they really have a grasp on the fact that they have penises and they are awesome. The play with them quite a bit; stretching them out or pushing them back in, often seeking answers to questions as they happily run up naked to their mothers.

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Between the ages of 6 and 9 the excitement dies down a bit. But it comes raging back when the hormones start to flow. Suddenly the penis becomes central to a boy’s identity. They flap it around, count the pubic hairs growing in, and anxiously await the dropping of their balls. They basically want to share their penises with the whole world. This is the age when they start measuring and comparing sizes, but not all boys do that. But they do jump at the chance to demonstrate how large and magnificent they are. When girls finally come into play boys are usually between 12 and 14 and they start masturbating on purpose. By this time, they see girls as sex objects instead of just other humans.

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By the time they lose their virginity, which could be in their teens, the direction of their penis excitement takes a little turn. They have actually had sex with a female. They have tasted the ultimate victory and they want more. So they start “hunting” for more and more sexual partners, whether they are often successful or rejected. Nothing deters them from their quest. This continues into their twenties and perhaps even longer. Some men report being very sexually active as they get older and some report a decline in seeking out sex as they grow. It really just depends on a number of other, unrelated factors combining to influence libido.

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For men, everything is a competition, including penis size and function and the number of sexual partners he engages with. These things bring a degree of stature among his fellows, like fancy cars or fit, muscular bodies. The penis is integral to a man’s identity and self-image. Unfortunately, if a man is small this area, he may feel less confident and not be as proactive in using his penis as other men. He may feel embarrassed or insecure. But what’s important to remember is, that women do not always crave the biggest cock on the walk. Some prefer big ones and some prefer smaller ones. So it is not true that size matters the most, you just have to find a partner who you mesh with and who you can enjoy yourself with.

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As men go through adulthood, they tend to slow down and mature. As they reach their forties and fifties, they may begin to experience low testosterone, depression, shifts in mental states and attitudes, or other things that will decrease their desire or ability to function as they used to sexually. But we will talk more about this in a later post about men’s sexual health. Often, men retain sexual urges and desires until they die. They will always be attached to their penises. After all, it’s a big part of who they are. They have spent their whole lives with their magnificent manhood and nothing can really detach them from that. Another important thing to remember is that your penis does not equal your value. It’s wonderful that you have it, and we are happy for you, but don’t try to attach you worth as a person to any aspect of your penis because you would simply be wrong. Until next time,

Andrea xo


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