Grief: No Laws for Loss

Wonderful post on loss and mourning…very appropriate

The Tiny Couch: Wellness for All

By Valerie Rice | November 1, 2020

Everyone has lost someone or something precious to them in their lives. My first deep loss was my mother. I was 12. At least, that’s the first loss so painful I can still remember it vividly. Grief is something we all experience, but we all do so differently. And yet, nobody around us seems to understand this process. Perhaps this is because they are uncomfortable, or they simply are unable to see how we are affected. It doesn’t matter why. Odds are we have the same feelings of befuddlement when others are experiencing this state. So for this post we are simply going to examine the animal that has us so baffled.


YES. I spent many years in University and several of my courses were called “Death and Dying, Human Loss, Grief and Pain,” and so on…

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