The Business With Blogs

A story about my new blog and how it’s frustrating me

Once upon a time a couple weeks ago, I decided to start a new blog dedicated specifically to cannabis, it’s uses, legislation, cannabinoids, research, science, and basically everything that has to do with it. Please go ahead and look at it and maybe read a little bit here. Thank you in advance!

I have several good post up there, and a few ok ones, I think. But there are only 11 or so. I’ve been writing every day that I can, but some days I just have my kid demanding my attention. Anyway, so the problem is that I just don’t have very many visitors or readers for that matter. There is one guy named Sebastian who likes all my posts, even if the time frame between the post and the like is very short. I appreciate him so much. His constant validation of my work keeps me going.

For this blog, life all day, I have around 300 or so readers. I appreciate that, too. I really don’t remember how it happened. It was just like one day I started a blog, and the next day followers started filing in, and that just sorta kept going, even though there was a long period of time during which I wasn’t posting at all (yay, crippling depression!).

Maybe it’s because I use a lot of science and that’s boring or not relatable to people. Maybe it’s because it’s a cannabis blog. I don’t know what the problem is. Maybe because it’s a free account and I can’t do really anything to help unless I upgrade. But there’s a good reason for me doing this. Not only am I pro-legalization, but it’s a topic that I’m actually interested in. As a lifelong stoner, I find I am now craving after all of these years information regarding how it actually helps, how it actually works, show me the science and all of that.

I try to keep my blog pretty neutral and unbiased, but really, some of that leaks out anyway. Which is cool, because I’m trying to get a job in the industry of cannabis blogging. This is my reason behind writing the blog. It’s because cannabis writers are in great demand right now and I need a portfolio before I can even think about going after one of those jobs. So really, I’m in this for the money. But my passion drives me and I think that equals a good balance.

Today on The Hidey Hole, (the name of my blog), I posted about CBD for pets. In doing the research for this post, I found that studies have shown that CBD is perfectly safe for dogs and cats, as long as it has zero THC content. I write about CBD and other cannabinoids a lot. They’re fascinating. Did you know that CBD helps in so many more ways than just anxiety, pain management, and relaxation? Yeah dude, they use it to help neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. They use it to treat seizures and epilepsy, they use it to do all kinds of stuff!

The research is ongoing, and that is great. That’s what we need to move forward. Anyway, if this interests you at all, just click on the link and take a peek (pretty please with sugar on top) I could use some help getting some followers and if you like something, please share it!

So this is why I’m frustrated. I don’t know how to gain followers, because I’m already sharing on social media. I know nothing about seo, and I can’t pay to learn about it. I don’t have the money to upgrade to the plan I want, and I feel like I’m speaking to the walls around me. Congratulations for making it all the way through this post and as always, thanks for reading ❤️.


(Except I can’t figure out how to do that little mark above the “n”).

Andrea xo

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Content writer by day, masked and caped Super Lifestyle and wellness blogger by night, painter, author of short story erotica. Craves attention, loves to engage, all around creative

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