New Paths

Hello dear followers, I’m writing this post to tell you that I am starting another blog on WordPress. I am a settling into a new niche. My new bog is all about cannabis and everything related to it. I’m doing this because I haven’t fully hit solid ground in this blog yet. Although I love lifeallday, it’s time for me to change my direction into something that I can possibly turn into a job opportunity later. I will still be posting and this blog occasionally, so don’t give up on me. But my main focus will be on my new blog, The Hidey Hole. If you are at all interested in cannabis topics, I would ask that you check it out and possibly follow me there, too. I’m really hoping I can get this off the ground, and I have such wonderful followers here at lifeallday. So I’m just asking for your support now. Thank you so much everyone, and I will see you later here and there. Until next time,

Andrea xo

Published by andrea137

Content writer by day, masked and caped Super Lifestyle and wellness blogger by night, painter, author of short story erotica. Craves attention, loves to engage, all around creative

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