Why I ❤️ Capricorn

And You Should Too

by Andrea Watson | December 22, 2020

It’s that time to say goodbye to the Sagittarian spotlight and hello to Capricorn season! Now, some people see their Capricorns as cold, distant, and un-relatable. It is true that they can seem that way, but it is only because they are dealing with a very serious mindset nearly all of the time. So what else do we need to know about our beloved Capricorns? Well, there is quite a bit, so let’s just jump into it!

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. They can be stoic, pragmatic, disciplined, and ambitious. They can also be pessimistic. The symbol for Capricorn is the mythological sea-goat. They are a hardened breed, ready to take on every fearful thing they come across head on, as they are. At the same time, they are constantly doing battle with their scary inner demons; always afraid but only inwardly.

The Capricorn looks at everything as something that needs to be done. They go through life succeeding because of their work ethic, which is representative of their sense of time and responsibility. They are solidly independent individuals and make good managers of other people. Capricorn is the third and final earth sign of the zodiac, along with Taurus (first) and Virgo (second). They are grounded on reality, which makes it easier for them to transform their ambitions into actualities.

Capricorn is grounded in tradition. They do not get along well with people whose views and values differ greatly from their own, and they may be aggressive in their attempt to press their own beliefs on others. Despite this, they are very effective in making solid plans and managing many people who work for them at once. Not only are they focused on the material world, but they have the uncanny ability to make the most out of it.

The planet Saturn rules Capricorn. This is a planet of all kinds of restrictions. Because of this, the Capricorn is often prone to feelings of guilt and turned toward the past. They can be unforgiving and cold, but they do have the power to learn to forgive and move on. Because Capricorns are so hardworking with clear goals and a set path to reaching them, they can sometimes hold other people to high standards that may not be realistic.

Despite all the negative attributes traditionally associated with Capricorn, they can be awfully lovable, especially if you are a Taurus. It can take years for them to open up enough to discuss what is really going on inside, but once they have opened up, their hearts start to melt. When they do find a partner, they are locked in for life. Earth signs are very loyal creatures, and Capricorn’s stoicism makes them experts in loyalty.

Capricorns thrive on following the rules. They are hardworking and devout in their ambitions. They can accomplish anything they put their minds to because they never give up. Capricorns are highly responsible. When they make a mistake, not only do they own up to it and make it right, but they learn from the mistake quickly and take that knowledge with them going forward.

Have I mentioned ambition? Well I’m going to mention it again. Capricorns have lofty goals, and unlike many other zodiac signs, they have the self-discipline and ambition to make those goals and dreams come true. They are always driven to do better- better than themselves and better than other people, and they regularly achieve this. Also, they are experts at keeping track of important things.

Capricorns are so serious about life that they can display an array of negative traits, but their positive traits make them so squishy-lovable. Sure they can be stubborn workaholics, but we can look over that, can’t we? Every sign has negative aspects. My son Lucien is a Capricorn, and being a Taurus myself, I feel him on a spiritual level. He is such a delight in my life. Capricorn has many good traits, and even some of the ones that seem negative can actually be positive if the individual is well-balanced. I love Capricorns, and you should too! Until next time,

Andrea xo


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