Why I ❤️ Scorpio

(And You Should Too)

by Andrea Watson | October 23, 2020

We all know that the sum of ourselves does not just boil down to a zodiac sign. For example, I’m a Taurus. While it is true that I love beauty, food, and sex (not necessarily in that order), there is far more to me than just my stubbornness (see what I did there? Haha.) So let me preface this post by saying that no, I am not generalizing all Scorpios, I am just pointing out some observed common traits without expecting all of them to fit every individual who qualifies. Okay? So let’s go Celebrate those introverted little fireballs! 🤗

Intro to Scorpio

Scorpio season lasts from October 23rd to November 22nd. During this time, the Scorpio sign is at the forefront of the astrology world. We celebrate their traits and compare common “knowledge” to the real-world Scorpios we know and love. It is easy to fall in love with this water sign. After all, they are staunchly loyal, intensely emotional, and mysterious; not to mention that they are fantastic in bed, second only to Taurus 😁. They are determined creatures, and super hot. When they go through trials-even life and death ones, they usually come out on top, and better and hotter for it. The female Scorpio is the comeback queen and nobody even questions it.

While these are all things that draw me into a Scorpio’s universe, they can be the same things that drive me out. If you flip these traits upside-down you get jealousy, possessiveness, and brooding (they will still be great in bed though). Every Scorpio has his stinger and they are not afraid to use it when warranted. He or she can exhibit paranoia and quiet rage and they will hold on to grudges for years on end. They can either be your best friend or your worst enemy; and trust me, it is no fun being on a Scorpio’s bad side.

So Who Does Scorpio Love?

Scorpios love who they love. Fiercely. And passionately. The most compatible sign for Scorpio romantically is Taurus. The two signs have a lot in common and if they can compromise then they are able to maintain fulfilling relationships with each other. Weird, since both signs are so possessive, jealous, and stubborn, eh? A pair like this needs to be able to get past those things in each other. Only by doing this can they move forward to fulfillment. Runners-up in the category “best romantic matches” are Cancer and Libra. Whatever you do, don’t put a Scorpio and an Aries together. Yikes!

How to Love Your Scorpio

First, we’ll explore what not to do. Never under any circumstance belittle, shame, betray, manipulate, or hurt a Scorpio. I mean to be clear on this. Doing these things will lead you straight to that “worst enemy” place and that’s just really not a cool place to be. Don’t burden them with emotions. Yes, they are emotional creatures themselves, but they will lash out if you pile it up on them. Don’t rush it. Give them time to open up and share themselves with you. They need it. And it will make your eventual relationship better because they will know for sure whether or not you “belong” to them and stand by it.

Do treat them with their personality in mind. What I mean is, don’t generalize a Scorpio and act solely based upon the generic common traits. This is a big mistake. Observe them. Know who they are. Anticipate how they want to be treated and act accordingly. Understand that a Scorpio in its natural environment will always try to dominate. Therefore, be prepared to lose some arguments. Okay, a lot of arguments. Maybe all of them.

If you are going to criticize your Scorpio, then do it constructively, with tact, and be sure to pair it with a compliment. Be kind. Scorpios are tender-hearted, especially when they are in love. They are just outwardly fiery and severe. Support them in their goals. The Scorpio is very ambitious, especially if he is a man. He likes to know who is on his team and who has got his back. Be his personal cheerleader, and congratulate him when he succeeds. Finally, share your point of view, especially if you are in an argument; just don’t expect to win 😉.

I would imagine that the male lead character, Westley, from William Goldman’s book, The Princess Bride is a Scorpio. Dang! I love that movie, let’s watch it! If you’ve seen this epic flick from 1987, then give it a think. And check out this 4-second video clip!

We are men of action. Lies do not become us.

“We are men of action. Lies do not become us.”

William Goldman, Westley, The princess bride

Self Care For Scorpio

So far this post is all well and good, but what if you are the Scorpio here and already know all about yourself? Well, you are still in the right place because I have some suggestions for self-care activities that fit your sign nicely.

One: We all know you worship sex and have no shame in your sexuality (excellent-go you!). So the first thing on my self-care list for Scorpios is to try out a sexual fantasy you have, either by yourself or with a willing partner. And of course, no shame if you do it by yourself.

Two: Take an hour or two to explore your partner’s birth chart or that of another person you really love. We know that Scorpio likes to investigate and always gets to the bottom of things, so go research your little heart out, you detective, you! Then apply what you learn. Congratulations! You have just won life by being the best partner ever!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Three: Take a long, solitary walk. That’s right, we’re onto you, our most beloved introverts. We know you need solitude, whether it be for reflection or for polishing your plan for world domination. A long walk is a great way to get that solitude while simultaneously caring for your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Four: Pick a project that interests you (not something that needs to be done) and set aside some time each week to work on it. You don’t have to share it with others. You be the creator, you be the judge, you be the admirer. Celebrate your independence!

Five: Get rid of all that pent-up, watery emotion, and experience the catharsis. We know this can be hard for you. Make a playlist with all the songs that speak to you on a deep level and blast it when nobody’s around.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

This is not hardly everything for or about Scorpios. But I want to end before the post gets too long. Scorpios, we ❤️ you and everything you are. Keep on being the cuddly, fierce, and magnificent beasts we all admire and we will do our best to stay on your good side. Seriously, a Scorpio friend or lover is the best sort to have, subjectively. Enjoy the Scorpio season. Get in touch with the Scorpio in you (we all have a bit of it, somewhere deep down), take care of yourself and for heaven’s sake show your local Scorpio some love!

Andrea xo


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