I Want You!

To Write a Guest Blog Post For Me

I am looking for topics such as:

  • Applying creativity to your life
  • Recipes you love
  • Nurturing friendships
  • Your fashion identity
  • Your blogging inspiration
  • How you use technology to your benefit
  • Taking care of your pets
  • Men’s issues

I am also open to new ideas-always. Mine is a lifestyle blog, so I write on a wide range of topics although I favor wellness and quality of life subjects. I need some variety and fresh perspective! Please email me at awatsonworks@gmail.com or message me on social media. I am on Twitter @AndreaWrites137 and this is the best way to contact me since I am on there a lot.

To Let Me Write a Guest Post For You

I may be asking too much, but honestly, I need the backlinks and exposure. I have writing samples to send or you could just take a look around my blog and see if I would be a good fit for you. I am capable of writing in different styles too, so don’t think the tone of my blog is the only card in my hand. I cannot pay any money for these services, but I am willing to trade post for post if you’re down for that!

I have a lot of topic ideas, such as:

  • Increasing confidence and self-efficacy
  • Book report
  • Symbols that speak to me and how I integrate them into my life
  • How meditation is helpful
  • Practicing self-love
  • Showing love to others
  • Life with autism
  • How to write better
  • Homelessness and its societal affects
  • Addiction…

…And so many more! Plus, I would be honored to write on a topic that YOU want. I can even write more than one for you if you desire. I work on building my writing carer for at least 10-12 hours per day and this is part of it so I have lots of time. I genuinely appreciate your consideration. Thank you!

Andrea xo


Published by andrea137

Content writer by day, masked and caped Super Lifestyle and wellness blogger by night, painter, author of short story erotica. Craves attention, loves to engage, all around creative

6 thoughts on “I Want You!

  1. Hi, and yes, addiction is great as it’s not something I cover at all, other than dual diagnosis.

    Don’t worry, I’m a real technophobe too. Yes, google docs or Word is best. Then we edit, choose a few pics and post 🙂

    Is there something specific you’d like from me i.e. anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, depression and tips etc. My email is carol.hannah@hotmail.com



      1. Do you have any mental health ideas? If not, we can think of something else. What would you like to write about, anything in particular.

        I could do a mental health post for you, if you think that’s a good fit for your blog?

        Caz 🙂


      2. I’m sure I can come up with mental health ideas. I love psychology! I do believe a mental health blog post from you would be a good fit. My originally, most early blog title was Psych Your Brain Out!: Psychology in Everyday LIfe (because I have a degree in psych and that’s what I know). I try to keep that as an element in my blog now, so yours would be perfect!

        But I am unsure of how we would trade. Would we use Google docs to write and then just invite each other to edit and stuff? I’m a little technologically behind-I apologize.

        Liked by 1 person

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