Trick or Treat and Tiger’s Feet

20 Of the Most Popular Halloween Costumes For 2020

by Andrea Watson | October 9, 2020

What’s up, my playas? It’s true I’m back! Here to deliver to you my list of 20 popular Halloween costume ideas for 2020. I’ve done my research, made my decisions, and these are my very favorite most popular Halloween costumes this year. From Bob Ross to Carole f$@#!ng Baskin there is sure to be something for everyone in here. These selections are diverse, edgy and wild. So let’s go!

  1. Carole f$#@!ng Baskin: Go for this look with bold leopard prints, a long blonde wig, a a crown of flowers. Definitely number one on my list. Thanks, Facebook!
  2. Joe Exotic: Following at a close number two, this fantastic 2020 social phenomenon is runner up only to his overwhelming country-glam style.
  3. Bob Ross: Let’s paint some happy little Bob Ross costumes in here at Wal-Mart and other retailers this year. A colorful hit for a spooky eventide.
  4. Ruth Bader Ginsburg: An icon, a powerhouse, a hero. Who can go wrong sporting the courtroom robes of the late and great ruthless Ruth? Become the champion!
  5. Baby Yoda: Okay so at first glance I thought this was a donkey. But come on, just because I’m a bit behind on my pop culture fandoms doesn’t mean you have to be. So suit up!
  6. Cher from Clueless: Aaah, 90’s nostalgia. Yes, Clueless has made a comeback and the yellow plaid skirt and jacket combo is just irresistible to people of around my age.
  7. Forrest Gump: Whirling back to the 90’s again the running master of life in all its forms takes center stage at the costume contest. Make sure to get your Bubba-Gump shrimp to go with that long beard and red joggers!
  8. Wednesday Addams: Let’s face it , The Addams Family is classic Halloween. And what little girl didn’t want to be Wednesday with her dark lips and long hair? The little girls who wanted to be Morticia, that’s who.
  9. Tina from Bob’s Burgers: This is a hilarious show, and Tina is the obvious favorite with her young teenage angst and strong attraction/repulsion for boys. I gotta admit, I was also looking for Louise-she’s so devious!
  10. Aquaman: If you can’t have Jason Momoa, why not settle for just his torso? Fill this one out nicely with an Aquaman muscle suit, hair not included.
  11. Rick from Rick and Morty: Now this is a show to be reckoned with. And Rick is no laughing matter either, perhaps unless he appears as a pickle. With a white lab coat, blue shirt, khakis, and the right wig, you’re a shoe in. You could be Tiny Riiiiiick!!
  12. Jon Snow: Oh, but Jon Snow, though! With the black cape and bastard sword replica, you could know nothing just as the raven-haired hunk from Game of Thrones. After all, winter is coming…after Halloween is over.
  13. Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus: Isn’t this a fun one? Big red wig and overly red lips. I just love this flick, and Bette Middler just killed it. Pay homage to a childhood memory and go as Winifred.
  14. Harry Potter: Still a favorite, this adolescent wizard makes a great costume for both the young and old alike. With a great scar and round spectacles, cast yourself in this role this Halloween.
  15. Piper from Orange is the New Black: There’s no denying it, this show is a hit regardless of how you feel about Piper’s character after season one.
  16. The Night King from Game of Thrones: another bad-ass mask, another bad-ass costume. This dude is totally immortal and wicked cool. If you have blue ice-chip eyes or not, the Night King is a dang fine costume.
  17. Angelica from Rugrats: I’ll admit, I don’t really get this one. I hated that show. But maybe that was because I was a tween by then and my future teenager-hood loomed larger than a bratty blonde haired cartoon big sister. Still, 90’s nostalgia is in!
  18. Joker: Oh, what an iconic super-villain! and there are so many renditions to choose from. Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix, or Jared Leto? Maybe none. Perhaps you have your own unique twist. Whatever it be, Joker is a safe bet.
  19. Demogorgon from Stranger Things: Now this is a cool costume. Awesome show, black leotard, face framing flower looking thing, and voila! You’re in like Flynn. The Demogorgon is seriously bad.
  20. Dr. Anthony Fauci: My hero of our modern pandemic era. Not out of line or in poor taste; rather a tribute to America’s Doctor in the troubling times we are so desperate to forget about. Face masks all around!

And there it is. The list of my most favorite most popular Halloween costumes for 2020. What am I going as? Probably a random pickle. Hey, it’s funny, right? Yeah. But the question is, which one will you choose? Comment below and give me the lowdown, I would love to hear all about it! Til next time my beautiful Halloween freaks!


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