Halloween Giveaway

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Since I am a generous witchy-poo and I wish to give back to my readers in the spirit of Halloween, I am holding a spooky giveaway for this month. I will be giving a free tarot reading to my most engaging follower this month (yes I am qualified to do this). By engaging I mean the reader with the most comments/likes/reblogs/shares. The contest will run until October 29th. I will get your reading to you by October 31st. Here are the rules: you need to be an actual follower on my WordPress site. That’s it (but I need your email)! Yes, I am good, no you will not be disappointed, and sure-let’s talk about it! If this goes well, I will be holding more giveaways in the future. Let’s make it a success, my third eye is dying to open for you! Til next time lovelies!

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Content writer by day, masked and caped Super Lifestyle and wellness blogger by night, painter, author of short story erotica. Craves attention, loves to engage, all around creative

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